Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit Racetrack Fast & Furious Edition

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The racetrack in the Fast & Furios Edition invites you to a spectacular racing experience. Take... more
"Anki OVERDRIVE Starter Kit Racetrack Fast & Furious Edition"
The racetrack in the Fast & Furios Edition invites you to a spectacular racing experience. Take risk and measure your driving skills with the Toretto crew. Anki combines a virtual racing experience with an incredible amount of possibilities with the live racing experience of a race track. It's the world's smartest battle racing system.

Control and driving pleasure

Basic requirement for the control is the app!
They provide the route manually and can greatly influence the gameplay with changes to the routes. The rest of the control is via the app. While the cars physically drive in front of you on the racetrack, you can customize your cars using the app and get more and more upgrades with appropriate racing experience.

Anki Overdrive offers you different playing possibilities. For example, an extensive campaign with over 25 AI opponents. You can try it alone or you can use the power of a team and cooperate with friends.

Supercars in Anki Overdrive

Every supercar has its strengths and weaknesses. The cars vary in speed, protection, firepower and specials. Learn to use the cars. This is the first step to outsmart AI opponents and friends. The more you play, the more weapons and enhancements you unlock to take advantage of other tricks.

Easy entry: In 4 steps from stop to go
1. Download the free app "AnkiOVERDRIVE-App" to your iOS or Android device.
(Compatibility: If you can download and install the app from the official app stores, you will certainly be able to interact with the products as well)
2. Charge Supercars (8 to 10 minutes)
3. Build one of the 8 possible routes
4. GO - Choose one of the 6 game modes

Features of the Fast & Furios Edition:
short charging time (8 - 10 minutes)
8 different arenas can be set up in no time
6 different game modes
Trick move on the power zone
Upgrades during the game
AI opponents
Car customization
Up to 350 different weapon systems and improvements

1x Doms Ice Charager
1x Hobbs MXT
3x straights
1x power zone element
6x 90 ° curves elements
12x crash barriers
2x supporting pillars
1x charging system for 4 vehicles
1x tire cleaner

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