Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar Guardian Race Car

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The Guardian works with sound, more precisely with a screeching siren. In addition, there is a... more
"Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar Guardian Race Car"
The Guardian works with sound, more precisely with a screeching siren. In addition, there is a high speed, which almost approaches the pace of Thermo. But the special features are the special armor with which the Guardian is equipped. Visually, the Guardian is a highlight and already looks very dynamic and fast due to the streamlined shape.

Its special characteristics are:

Sonic Beam: The longer you fire an opponent with this weapon, the more devastating the effect of the beam of ultra-high frequency energy.
Sonic Blast: Sonic Blast is a sound wave that everyone in the area feels and even well-armored supercars can not stand the sound wave.
Scramble Mine: This mine will damage your competitors from below, causing significant damage and disrupting the steering for some time.

Basic requirement:
1. A starter kit "Anki Overdrive Fast & Furios Edition"
2. Free app (AnkiOVERDRIVE app)

The technology of the track, cars and trucks
Each track element has coded infrared patterns embedded in the element. The codes serve as markers for the position in the track.

Supercars / Supertrucks are equipped with a tiny 50Mhz computer and infrared cameras. The cameras read the infra-red markers on the track at 500Hz to orient, position and hold. So the cars know where they are and how fast they are moving.

The supercar software decodes the route markers, controls the driving behavior and communicates with the smartphone or tablet. The Bluetooth low energy connection with the smartphone or tablet lets the car react very quickly to control impulses.

This innovative technology allows you to design the tracks according to your ideas and thus to provide for ever new gaming experiences. The keyword here is Artificial Intelligence. Through the previously mentioned technique, the controller can be adjusted up to 500x in one second.

1x Supercar: Guardian

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