Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar X52 Race Truck

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The X52 is powerful, mean and evil. It's not a good idea to slow down this truck. You run the... more
"Anki OVERDRIVE Supercar X52 Race Truck"
The X52 is powerful, mean and evil. It's not a good idea to slow down this truck. You run the risk of being swept off the track by the Pulse Ram.

Its special characteristics are:

Boomer: Used behind the truck to explode, causing damage and making the cars roll.

Pulse Ram: the X52 ICE generates a force field in front of its armour. This force field is able to push cars off the track.

Smasher: Causes damage and lets cars skid around the supertruck by firing circular shock waves. Activated at the push of a button.

Rage Mode

The Supertrucks are big, powerful and unpredictable and are characterized by a special feature: the Rage mode.
Rage indicator gradually on. Once it's full, the super truck accelerates again, making it faster than its normal top speed. He also fires his special weapon permanently - until the Rage indicator is empty.

Basic requirement:
1. Starter Kit "Anki Overdrive Fast & Furios Edition
2. free app (AnkiOVERDRIVE app)

The technology of the track, cars and trucks

Each stretch element has coded infrared patterns embedded in the element. The codes serve as markers for the position in the track.

Supercars / Supertrucks are equipped with a tiny 50Mhz computer and infrared cameras. The cameras read the infrared markings on the track at 500Hz to orient themselves, determine the position and hold. The cars know where they are at all times and how fast they are moving.

The software of the supercars decodes the route markings, controls the driving behaviour and communicates with the smartphone or tablet. The Bluetooth Low Energy connection with the smartphone or tablet allows the car to react very quickly to control impulses.

This innovative technology allows you to design the routes freely according to your ideas and thus provide for ever new gaming experiences. The keyword here is artificial intelligence. The control can be adjusted up to 500x in one second using the previously mentioned technology.

1x Supertruck: X52

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