Cecotec Conga Excellence 1090 4in1 wiper and vacuum cleaner HEPA with 5 cleaning settings

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The Conga Excellence 1090 vacuum cleaner robot is ideal for helping you with household chores. He... more
"Cecotec Conga Excellence 1090 4in1 wiper and vacuum cleaner HEPA with 5 cleaning settings"
The Conga Excellence 1090 vacuum cleaner robot is ideal for helping you with household chores. He sweeps, sucks, cleans and even wipes the floor. Compared to his smaller brother, he is equipped with an extra brush, especially for animal hair. The robot saves its way and therefore finds the fastest way back to the charging station.

Fascinating technology for simple and intelligent control
With the remote control you can choose between different cleaning modes and have your vacuum cleaner cleaned in 3 different intensity levels. In addition to the energy-saving ECO mode, you still have the normal mode and an intense turbo mode available. The possibility of individual programming allows you to customize the cleaning according to your wishes.

Sophisticated cleaning concept for the Conga Excellence 1090
5 different cleaning modes in combination with the Wash4You technique and the different bristles ensure a very well coordinated cleaning concept. With the 2 side brushes, which reliably transport the dirt to the suction nozzle, the vacuum robot reaches all corners and edges.

Safety, intelligent navigation and noise
The iTech 3.0 technology enables intelligent navigation with proximity, impact and crash sensors, allowing the robot to adapt to your home. With the OnlySilence technology, the robot remains at a sound level of 64 dB

Technical data & features of the Cecotec Conga Excellence 1090 vacuum cleaner robot:
4 in 1: Sweeps, sucks, cleans with the mop and wipes the floor
iTech 3.0: Intelligent navigation with proximity, impact, and crash sensors that adapt to your home
Wash4You: Smart floor wiping with electronic water metering valve
Cleaner Deluxe: 3 wiping modes for all types of surfaces
All-TimeTable: 24 hours - 7 days a week programmable
Running time: up to 160 minutes
Battery: Lithium-ion battery 14.4 V and 2600 mAh (Immortal Battery System)
Air cleaning with EPA filter
GPSHome system: automatic return to the charging station
3 power levels: Eco mode, Normal mode, Turbo mode
Force Implode: Suction power up to 1400 Pa in turbo mode
5 cleaning modes: car, borders, room, spiral and way home (back-home)
Twin Floor: Mop with 2 materials for all surfaces
Brush Pro technology: With a rotary main brush (silicone and rubber bristles), the carpets efficiently and thoroughly clean of dust.
Elegant and modern design
OnlySilence technology: Sound level below 64 dB.
BestFriend Care System: an extra brush for animal hair
Suitable for: all floors and shorthair carpets
Corners and edges: 2 side brushes reliably transport the dirt to the suction nozzle
2 large capacity containers, one for dust and one for liquids

1x vacuum cleaner robot Conga series 1090
1x charging station + power supply
1x remote control
4x side brush
1x main brush with bristles and silicone
1x main brush made of silicone for animal hair
2x HEPA filter (air purification filter)
2x mop
1x cleaning brush
1x dust container
1x water tank
1x user manual

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