BALTER EVIDA Silver RFID Stainless Doorstation 2 Participants 2-Wire BUS 170° Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera


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The door station Evida shows you who is at your door: With Evida, you not only talk to your visit... more
"BALTER EVIDA Silver RFID Stainless Doorstation 2 Participants 2-Wire BUS 170° Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera"
The door station Evida shows you who is at your door: With Evida, you not only talk to your visit but also watch a live picture via the camera. The 170° wide-angle camera also represents people standing directly next to or below the camera. The built-in white-light LEDs automatically activate in the dark and clearly and visibly depict visitors at night. Thanks to the anti-fingerprint coating on the surface made of robust and weatherproof stainless steel, no fingerprints are visible even after long use. On request, Evida even replaces conventional keys: Each door station has an integrated RFID card reader that allows you to open doors using a handy chip. Evida also works on already installed cables of older door stations and, thanks to flush-mounting, it integrates almost seamlessly into any surface. Installation is easy: 2-wire BUS wiring requires only a single 2-wire cable to send video, audio, power, and data.

Camera with 170° Ultra-Wide-Angle Lens
Words are often not enough in everyday life. With the video function of the Evida outdoor station, you, therefore, get an idea of yourself. The viewing angle of the ultra-wide-angle camera is an enormous 170 °. The camera covers almost the entire horizontal and vertical, and you see visitors standing both next to and under the camera. By comparison, the viewing angle of the human eye is only about 60 °. Even if Evida is mounted in unfavorable position, e.g. Beveled, gives you full overview of the entrance area.

2-Wire Technology
With the 2-wire technology, the installation of the Evida door station is extremely easy. Since two cables are sufficient to simultaneously exchange video, audio, and power, the labor and cost are already minimized during installation. If the Evida replaces an existing older door intercom, normally even their old cables can be reused. In this way, Evida not only works sustainably but also minimizes installation costs to a negligible extent.

- Door Station for 2 Families
- Brushed Stainless Steel Plate
- Silver Color Variant
- Anti-Fingerprint Coatings
- 170° Wide-Angle Lens
- Illuminated Name Tag
- 2-Wire BUS Technology
- RFID Access Control
- High-Resolution Camera
- Speakerphone
- Flush Mounting
- Protection Class IP54

Door Opening via RFID
The RFID function eliminates the need for keys and allows for quick and contactless door opening - simply holding an authorized chip to the station. Up to 320 different RFID chips can be quickly connected to Evida, and deleted just as quickly, for example in case of loss. If a card is lost, it will simply be blocked. In a conventional lock, the complete locking system would have to be replaced to prevent a security gap. Especially children and seniors benefit from the simple operation and high security of the RFID technology.

Surface Made of Stainless Steel
The stainless steel front is finely structured, the dark color enhances each building with a restrained but noticeable on. There are no fingerprints on the anti-fingerprint coating. The housing made of stainless steel (protection class IP54) remains high-quality and attractive in the long term.

Day/Night Switching
Thanks to an integrated light / dark sensor, Evida automatically recognizes the onset of darkness. In this case, you will automatically activate your white light LEDs so that ringing visitors on the individually available 7 "monitor Juno are clearly recognized. Also, the nameplate can be automatically illuminated at night. In the daytime, the nameplate lighting is turned off to save power and protect the environment conserve.

Expandable with Modules and The Indoor Station Juno
The integrated camera produces such a sharply resolved image that the intelligent zoom function can be used in conjunction with the Juno indoor station. This allows an area of the image to be enlarged at the touch of a finger, while still being navigable in the image. The Juno also provides away-from-home notices that inform guests about their residencies. Various functional modules further extend Evidas functionality and allow e.g. The integration of up to 4 analog HD cameras, motion detectors, or opening detectors.

Qualified for Promotion by KfW
KfW promotes meaningful projects and retrofitting real estate to make life easier, safer, and more inclusive. Evida is also qualified for promotion by KfW. Find out today from your advisor.

1x BALTER EVIDA Silver RFID Door Station for 2 Participants, 2-Wire BUS Technology, 170° Ultra Wide-Angle Camera - SILVER-2B BUS
Flush-Mounted Box
5x RFID Key + 2x Master Card (Delete and Add)
1x Cable for Connecting a Motion Detector or Opening Detector
1x Operation Manual

  • Farbe: Silber
    Freisprechfunktion: Ja
    Gewicht: 0.8 kg
    Schutzklasse: IP54
    Stromverbrauch: 0,8W (Standby) / 3W (Betrieb)
    Abmessungen Frontpanel: 120mm (B) x 220mm (H)
    Abmessungen Unterputzkasten: 104mm (B) x 207mm (H) x 42mm (T)
    Stromversorgung: 24V DC
    Betriebstemperatur / Luftfeuchtigkeit: -30°C bis +60°C
    Mikrofon und Lautsprecher: Integriert
    Beleuchtetes Namensschild: Ja
    Material: Edelstahl
    RFID-Funktion: Ja
    Tag/Nacht Umschaltung: Automatisch/Immer an/Aus
    Kameramodul: 170° Weitwinkel-Kamera
    Technologie: 2-Draht BUS, keine Polarität
    Montageart: Unterputz
    Türöffneranschluss an der Türstation: 12V DC (max. 280mA über die Türstation)
    Blickwinkel: 170 Grad Ultra Weitwinkelobjektiv
    Teilnehmer/Wohneinheit: 2 Familienhaus
    Funktionen: Sprachnachrichten von Besuchern

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