Neostar NTI-ST4125IR-PTZ 4.0MP EXIR IP 2560x1440p H.265+ Motorzoom Auto Tracking PoE+

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NTI-ST4125IR-PTZ is a high-resolution 4.0 megapixel PTZ network camera with Auto Smart Tracking... more
"Neostar NTI-ST4125IR-PTZ 4.0MP EXIR IP 2560x1440p H.265+ Motorzoom Auto Tracking PoE+"
NTI-ST4125IR-PTZ is a high-resolution 4.0 megapixel PTZ network camera with Auto Smart Tracking feature for automatic object and person tracking. With a high resolution of 2560x1440p, the integrated 25X megapixel motorized zoom lens and adaptive infrared illumination, the Auto Tracking PTZ network camera captures both distant objects with usable detail, monitoring large crowds with high response time, and high-resolution images of events in total darkness to deliver with particular clarity.

In 4.0 megapixel mode, the recording and playback takes place with 25 frames/sec. The NTI-ST4125IR-PTZ features adaptive EXIR 2.0 infrared lighting that adjusts the illumination angle as well as the intensity of the infrared LEDs to the current zoom level of the 25X megapixel motorized zoom lens. This results in optimal illumination without overexposure up to a distance of 50m even in complete darkness.

The PTZ network camera offers a PTZ function (panning, tilting, zooming) with 360 ° infinite swivel range and 25X optical zoom at a 2560x1440p resolution. This way, the entire environment can be captured completely. Thanks to a swivel and tilt speed of a maximum of 350 ° per second, the camera can be moved to any desired position. Up to 300 preset positions and 8 tours can be preprogrammed and adjusted with an accuracy of ± 0.1 degrees.

Numerous advanced features are available to the user, which only allow the full use of high-resolution video images. With the ePTZ function can be zoomed in the camera view with just a few mouse clicks in an interesting region via the web interface, software or network video recorder. In addition, such features as VCA Smart Detection, Tampering Alarm, privacy masking, snapshot function, watermarking and data outsourcing to a NAS server or up to 256GB microSD card to the package of high-resolution PTZ network camera.

With its tilt range of -5 ° to 90 ° and a 360 ° endless swing, the surveillance area is captured quickly and in detail. The built-in 3D noise reduction was specially developed for shooting under difficult lighting conditions and improves the image quality, especially at night.

NTI-2025IR-PTZ is IP66 rated for optimal protection against moisture and dust. It is therefore ideal for a wide variety of applications in adverse weather and environmental conditions. Like all modern network cameras, the IP PTZ camera has PoE + power input. Thus, the power can be both over 12V AC and optionally via Power over Ethernet + (PoE +), if a corresponding switch or injector is available.

4.0MP (2560x1440p)
1/2.5 "CMOS
4.8-120mm motor zoom
25X optical zoom
25bps at 2560x1440p
Night vision up to 50m
Car Tracking, VCA
350 °/s Speed max.
360 ° swivel range
8 tours of 32 Pres.
Event/Smart Detection
H.265 +/H.264 +
Alarm IO + Audio IO
microSD up to 256GB
PoE +/12V DC

Adaptive infrared lighting helps with intelligent image analysis
The automatic activation of the SMD LEDs, as soon as the camera detects a deterioration in lighting conditions, is now standard on the camera. However, this often led to under or over-illuminated objects in the image. In such situations, "Adaptive Infrared Illumination" intervenes. Adaptive infrared technology intelligently evaluates the image and realigns it based on over-illuminated objects. As a result, the over-lighting is eliminated specifically. Underlighting, however, increases the power of individual SMD LEDs to produce a uniformly lit image.

4.0 megapixel resolution
Due to the high resolution of 2560x1440p even more detail is achieved than was the case with Full HD cameras. This way, even more distant objects can be better identified. Neostar IP cameras deliver images of larger areas without sacrificing image quality. The much higher depth of focus is the key to getting even there usable images where classic cameras, without megapixel resolution, no usable recordings can deliver more.

Automatic person and object tracking in every position (PTZ Auto Tracking)
The Auto Person and Object Tracking feature provides discovery and tracking of moving objects in the targeted area by identifying properties including color, shape, and contrast using an advanced algorithm. The feature uses the camera's features such as pan, tilt, and optical zoom to clearly identify the object. If the tilt angle has reached the end of the tilt track, the zoom module of the camera will move in the opposite tilt direction (180 °) to continue the object tracking. As soon as the tilt direction of the camera's zoom module changes (beyond 90 °), the images are automatically rotated. Horizontal, the PTZ camera has the continuous 360 ° rotation.

Precise camera control even at high zoom factor
The Infrared PTZ camera has a unique feature that allows you to control the PTZ camera with pinpoint accuracy regardless of the zoom factor. In relation to the zoom depth, it automatically reduces the pan and tilt speeds, ensuring extremely precise camera control at all times.

360 ° endless panning, -5 ° ~ 90 ° tilt (Auto Flip function)
This PTZ Speed ??Dome Network Camera features a sophisticated pan/tilt mechanism, providing fast, accurate movements with 360 ° endless pan and tilt capabilities. The user can easily control the lens position with the mouse to monitor the area of ??interest and set up to 300 preset positions for the patrols. There are up to 8 patrol routes and a maximum of 32 manual-path presets (for panning, tilting, zooming, and focusing) that can be adjusted as needed. In addition, the user can schedule specific PTZ tasks by date and time.

Wide Dynamic Range 120dB
WDR ensures a clear and continuously usable image with strong light/dark contrasts. Situations with strong backlight, e.g. with incident by windows light or dazzling car headlights, make special demands on a camera: without WDR, the image is either under or over-illuminated displayed and is thus useless. By contrast, WDR increases the dynamic range and precisely displays both the light and dark areas of the image. An indispensable feature for efficient monitoring.

Video analysis: Smart Detection
Advanced Smart Detection video analytics is designed to analyze video without the user's direct and active involvement. This feature not only detects potential alarm triggers, it also provides many other useful features, such as line crossing detection, zone marking, and many others, to analyze live images as well as previously recorded material.

Audio Exception Detection, Face Detection, Intrusion Detection, Line Crossing Detection, Region Entrance Detection, Region Exiting Detection, Unattended Baggage Detection, Object Removal Detection

For the absolute protection of privacy
Private protection allows you to mask up to 24x image areas so they can not be viewed or recorded. The size and position of these masks are programmable. This feature is useful in applications where a camera has access to areas that are not relevant for security purposes and where the operator of the camera wishes to avoid lawsuits for privacy violations.

Tripple stream support
The network camera supports the tripple stream with different characteristics such as the resolution and frame rate to different users or applications. All video streams can be scaled independently of each other and adapted to the respective application. Thus, with one stream due to the reduced frame rate, the required bandwidth can be significantly reduced, while with another stream the compression is increased for the same purpose.

microSD card support
The support of microSD cards provides additional protection in case the internet should fail. This ensures that your recordings are not lost. In the event of an internet outage, the camera will pick up the memory card directly. It also lets you use the camera as a stand-alone monitoring solution.

Alarm inputs and outputs
Another special feature of the PTZ network camera is the integrated alarm inputs and outputs that can be managed over the network. The alarm inputs can be configured to respond to external sensors. With the outputs predefined operations can be triggered automatically, such as. Alarm through a connected outdoor siren, sending an e-mail and much more.

Power over Ethernet (PoE)
The advantage of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is that the network camera connected to the network cable can be powered directly. Thus, even those cameras that were installed in particularly hard to reach places need no additional power supply via a power supply.

ONVIF support
The integration of ONVIF sets a common protocol for sharing information between network video devices, including automatic device discovery, video streaming, and intelligent metadata. ONVIF makes it possible to interact with many products from different manufacturers without a complicated and time-consuming development.

High quality construction for protection against vandalism
The PTZ Megapixel Network Camera features a rugged die-cast aluminum body and a durable polycarbonate dome for protection against vandalism. Thus, the camera complies with the protection class IP66/IK8. In addition, it was equipped with a heater and a fan to enable use in harsh environments. Optionally available wall & ceiling mounting brackets also provide a special cable duct for the camera cables.

Outdoor use even at extreme temperatures The camera was specially developed for outdoor use in extreme temperatures. Integrated fans and heating elements, which only switch on when temperatures are right, allow the camera to be used at -30 ° to +65 ° C.

NEOSTAR 4.0MP EXIR IP Mini PTZ Camera, 25X Zoom, Auto Tracking, 2560x1440p, Night Vision 50m, Smart IR, H.265 +/H.264 +, Tours, VCA, Smart Detection, PoE +/12V DC, IP66 - NTI -ST4125IR PTZ
Power supply 12V DC
drilling template
Dowel and bolt set
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