NEOSTAR THC-3003IR 3.0MP EXIR HD-TVI outdoor camera 2.8mm wide-angle night vision 20m Smart-IR 12V IP66


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The compact THC-3003IR outdoor camera with 3.0 megapixel (2048 x 1536p) resolution and HD-TVI... more
"NEOSTAR THC-3003IR 3.0MP EXIR HD-TVI outdoor camera 2.8mm wide-angle night vision 20m Smart-IR 12V IP66"
The compact THC-3003IR outdoor camera with 3.0 megapixel (2048 x 1536p) resolution and HD-TVI signal transmission ensures subtle and inconspicuous surveillance. The two powerful EXIR LEDs provide significantly better illumination in the dark up to a range of 20m. With the 2.8mm wide-angle lens and progressive scan image sensor, the HD-TVI outdoor camera covers significantly larger areas without impairing the image quality. The HD-TVI technology enables the high-resolution video signal up to 300m (RG59) or 500m (RG6) to be transmitted directly to the HD-TVI recorder via coaxial cable. The camera offers convenient access to the on-screen menu via the existing coaxial cabling. All menu functions are controlled and set using an HD-TVI recorder or HD-TVI control unit. Extreme temperature fluctuations are also no problem for this HD-TVI outdoor camera. It works without interruption in both very cold and very hot temperatures from -40 ° C to + 60 ° C. To protect against dust, sand and unfavorable weather conditions such as rain and snow, this compact outdoor camera was housed in an IP66 weatherproof housing.

3.0MP (2048x1536p)
1 / 2.8 "progr. Scan CMOS
2.8mm wide-angle lens
Night vision up to 20m
Smart IR, day/night (ICR)
3MP 2048x1536p over coax
25 frames / sec. at 3MP
HD-TVI - up to 500m
Noise reduction
Privacy masking
OSD control via coax
12V DC

3.0 Megapixel resolution Thanks to the high 2048x1536p resolution, even higher detail sharpness than was the case with Full HD cameras is achieved. In this way, objects that are even further away can be better identified. Neostar HD-TVI cameras deliver images of larger areas without having to accept any loss in image quality. The much greater depth of field is the key to obtaining usable images even where classic cameras, without megapixel resolution, can no longer deliver usable images.

HD-TVI technology
High definition video over coax. HD-TVI sends an almost latency-free 1080p Full HD or 3MP video signal over RG59 coaxial cable. All Neostar HD-TVI cameras and recorders offer the advantages of HD video resolution but can be installed and commissioned as easily as standard analog surveillance systems. The possibility of much longer cable routes is also a great advantage of HD-TVI systems. These can be used up to 500m (RG6) / 300m (RG59) from HD-TVI recorders

Smart IR
With Smart IR, clear and sharp images are produced even in poor lighting conditions. Smart IR (smart infrared) automatically adjusts the amount of infrared light used to illuminate a scene. Depending on how far an object comes close to the camera, the infrared lighting is increased or reduced in order to create an optimal image for as long as possible.

Day / night (ICR)
Neostar cameras with the day/night (ICR) function deliver sharp images even in poor lighting conditions and at night. During the day, the IR cut filter blocks infrared light in order to produce unadulterated color images. In low light and at night, the filter is removed and infrared light passes through to deliver crisp, well-defined black and white images.

On-screen menu control via coax
Easy control of HD-TVI on-screen menu settings via coax. This camera offers a user-friendly function of the on-screen menu setting via the existing coax cabling, which eliminates the need to lay an additional data cable. The control and setting can be realized with any Neostar HD-TVI recorder.

3-axis camera mount
This camera can be easily mounted on ceilings and walls. It has an integrated 3-axis camera mount, which enables flexible mounting in numerous locations, both indoors and outdoors.

NEOSTAR 3.0MP EXIR HD-TVI outdoor camera, 2.8mm wide-angle, night vision 20m, Smart-IR, 12V DC, IP66 - THC-3003IR
Mounting template
Screws and dowels
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