Amazon Echo Dot intelligent speaker with Alexa voice control 2rd generation Black

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Amazon Echo Dot - this is the intelligent and useful speaker that helps you through voice control... more
"Amazon Echo Dot intelligent speaker with Alexa voice control 2rd generation Black"
Amazon Echo Dot - this is the intelligent and useful speaker that helps you through voice control and artificial intelligence in everyday life. By command, you address Amazon Echo Dot and start, for example. about "Alexa, play rock music" your favorite playlist on Spotify. The special thing about this is that the Amazon Echo Dot or Alexa, which as virtual assistant represents the interface between the speaker and you, constantly learns. As a result, the speaker optimizes his functions from time to time and becomes more and more useful and useful for you.

With Alexa, Amazon Echo Dot and skills playing through everyday life

Skills that are similar to apps tailor the features of the Echo Dot to your liking, pairing them together, and so on. Your very own morning routine. Alexa wakes you up at your desired time on the Echo Dot, then gives you an overview of your appointments and the weather, reads out news, plays your favorite music, turns on the light and starts the coffee machine.

Amazon Echo Dot 2rd Generation

The third generation of the Echo Dot, Amazon has a noble design with fabric donated. The Echo Dot integrates itself even more inconspicuously in your living room and acts as a noble-looking gadget. In addition, the 2rd generation of the Amazon Echo Dot has a larger speaker, resulting in even better sound and even clearer voice commands.

Features & Functions:
- Intelligent speaker with voice control
- Optimized design with noble material coating
- Even better sound thanks to 2.8 cm speakers
- Seven far-field microphones for clear acceptance and acceptance of orders to Alexa
- answer questions, play music, read news, the weather report, recipes u.v.m.
Controlling smart home devices by e.g. to switch the light on or off, to start the coffee machine, to control the heating and so on.
- Stream music via Amazon Music, Spotify, Tuning and many more services
- Use voice command to start telephony with people who also have an echo device
- Connect via drop in function with other compatible echo devices
- Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Alexa is learning more and optimizing the user experience automatically
- Customizable and linkable functions (skills) such as Fitness and health tracking
- Pair echo devices to form a unit for streaming music throughout the home
- 3.5 mm jack connection for connecting to older speakers without WLAN and or Bluetooth interface

1x 3.5 mm jack
1x integrated WLAN interface
1x Bluetooth interface
1x 12V 1.25A power connection

Technical details:
- Version: 2rd generation
- Color anthracite
- Audio: Integrated 2,8 cm speakers & 7 far-field microphones
- WLAN interface: Dualband WLAN
- WLAN compatibility: 802.11a / b / g / n (2.4 and 5 GHz)
- Bluetooth compatibility: A2DP for audio streaming from mobile devices to Bluetooth speakers, AVRCP for voice control of connected mobile devices, hands-free voice control not supported on Mac OS X devices, Bluetooth speaker not compatible with PIN input
- System Requirements: Alexa App compatible with Fire OS, Android and iOS devices and accessible from web browsers. Skills may not be usable in all regions and may be chargeable.
- Dimensions (H x D): 32 x 83,5 mm
- Weight: 163 g (may vary according to manufacturing process)

1x Amazon Echo Dot 2rd Generation Black (US Version)
1x 100-240V 0.5A power supply
1x Euro socket adapter
1x short instruction

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