E-Bike Speedclip Chiptuning for Bosch center engines 50km/h

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The tuning SpeedClip is suitable for Bosch midmotors Classic / Classic + / Active / Performance... more
"E-Bike Speedclip Chiptuning for Bosch center engines 50km/h"
The tuning SpeedClip is suitable for Bosch midmotors Classic / Classic + / Active / Performance / Performance CX / 50km / h. Fits all models from year 2011


The SpeedClip is clipped onto the original Bosch speed sensor and can be secured with an O-ring.
In order to activate the tuning chip, the spoke magnet must be displaced. For this purpose, a finger screw is included.


If you have found the correct positioning of the magnet, the tuning chip sets in at a speed of approx. 18 km / h (depending on the wheel circumference) and halves it, thus reaching 50km / h.


In order to put the eBike back into the roadworthy original condition, the Speedclip has only to be withdrawn. When the magnet is returned to the initial position, the original state is restored.


The medium-sized engines of the manufacturers Brose, Impuls and Kalkhoff are also supported, as they use the same speed sensor.


The used CR2 photobattery has a running distance of about 4000-5000km.


Dimensions of approx. 4,5x4,5cm
Weight: 33g


1x Speedclip
1x O-ring
1x finger screw
1x battery


It is not permissible to start the speed clip on the eBike in the area of ??validity of the StVO. The bike tuned by the SpeedClip, which does a manipulation of the speed, may not be operated in the road traffic as well as in the area of ??the traffic regulations.


Warranty and warranty claims of the eBikes may be restricted or expired against the dealer or manufacturer. The use is only permitted on private grounds or specially designated test or race tracks. The use of the speed clip is at your own risk and at your own risk.

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