Deltacam Twin Rev 2.0 Deltacrypt CI Cam Modul

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Two independent card readers (smart card / SIM) with dynamic card detection during CAM... more
"Deltacam Twin Rev 2.0 Deltacrypt CI Cam Modul"
Two independent card readers (smart card / SIM) with dynamic card detection during CAM operation.


youth protection
The protection of minors can be adjusted to different age levels. When activated, the age indication is first checked when switching to an encrypted channel. If the permissible age limit is reached or exceeded, the input of the 4-digit protection code set is required.


Advanced CAM menu
The CAM menu is available in several languages. In addition, a debug menu has been added to quickly identify and resolve problems (for example, if the smart card / SIM is not activated or not being updated).


CAM cascades - provider based differentiation
Streams from vendors that can not be decrypted using the inserted map (s) and embedded access authorization systems are passed unchanged so that they can be processed by a subsequent CAM in the cascade. The differentiation of other CAMs is based on the encryption system (or the CAID), which is why it is not possible to differentiate between providers with the same encryption.


Dedicated powerful and energy efficient processor for decryption.


MTD - Multitransponder Descrambling (decoding multiple channels)
The decryption processor supports up to 32 PID streams with a maximum data throughput of 100mbps. The firmware is optimized to process up to 4 ECM streams in parallel and in real time. Thus, a maximum of 4 channels (also HD with high data rates) can be decrypted with an average of 8 PIDs each. Channels or PIDs can be added without interruption, i. there are no misfires in the channels / PIDs already in the decryption.


Optimized for fast CAM initialization and channel switching times.


The DeltaCam is tested with set-top boxes and TV sets from all over the world. A corresponding fault-tolerant communication results in an improved compatibility. Special attention was also paid to compatibility with PC DVB devices (Digital Devices, DVBSky, anysee, KNC ONE, TechnoTrend, ...).


24/7 long-term stability
The DeltaCam was developed with the aim of long-term stability. In combination with the MTD function, the DeltaCam should be a perfect solution for network servers (SAT> IP) and head stations.


Updateable firmware
The DeltaCam is maintained by an experienced development team and is continuously expanded and improved in the future. Updates can be performed on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. With the help of "Secure Boot", the DeltaCam is prevented from becoming unusable in case of a faulty update.


Technical specifications:
Twin CI module with two card slots (SmartCard + SIM card reader)
4 MB Flash
MTD 4 channels


Improved compatibility for various hardware problems with product lines of certain manufacturers (for example LG, Panasonic and Loewe)

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