Stinger USB Dual Smartcard Reader

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The Smargo smart reader plus is a card reader USB based on a strong ARM ATMEL 91 processors. The... more
"Stinger USB Dual Smartcard Reader"
The Smargo smart reader plus is a card reader USB based on a strong ARM ATMEL 91 processors. The smart reader plus contains an integrated USB Too serial converter. The smart reader plus thereby functions with all current phoenix compatible Linux and Windows applications.

With begrentzter number of shafts CI or Smartcardreadern recommendable!

Suitable for:
Dreambox DM7020, DM800, DM8000, Reelbox Avandgarde, IP FROM, Octagon in 1018, Vizyon 800, 810, 820, in 8000

Technical data:
* Strong ARM ® 91 Thumb ® processor
* High performance 32 bits of architecture RISC
* 64 Kbytes, organsiert in 512 sides with 128 bytes (single Tarpaulin)
* 16 Kbytes internal high speed SRAM
* Low power oscillator RC, 3 to 20 MHz of On chip oscillator and a PLL
* Supported 3.20, 3.43, 3.69, 4.00, 4.36, 4.80, 5.34, 6.00, 6.86, 8.00, 9.61, 12.0 and 16 MHz with Smartcards
* Supported standard ftdi_sio driver of Windows and Linux applications
* Developer guide on inquiry available
* Functioned on all Dreambox to models with port USB
* No net part needs
* Supported all known Smartcards
* RS-232C:PC to STB/STB to PC
* Parental lure / installation lure / Receiver lure
* Zoom in function on traces
* Multipicture display
* Video colour adjustment function

Please, they follow the Terms and Conditions of her provider!

Dear customers and distributors,
the manufacturer of the Smargo plus smart reader has unnamed the name of Maxdigial on ARGOLIS. From now on (also for the future) the product is supplied only as an ARGOLIS. Of course there will remain the same product, only the name will change in future.

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