Gigablue UHD TRIO 4K 2160p 1xDVB-S2X MS 1xDVB-C/T2 Tuner E2 Linux Receiver Black

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With the new GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K, the renowned receiver manufacturer GigaBlue has launched... more
"Gigablue UHD TRIO 4K 2160p 1xDVB-S2X MS 1xDVB-C/T2 Tuner E2 Linux Receiver Black"
With the new GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K, the renowned receiver manufacturer GigaBlue has launched another 4K / UHD receiver on the market. The ultra high definition receiver is characterized by extremely comfortable operation via smartphone or tablet, the DVB-S2X and DVB-C / T2 tuner combination and various functions for comfortable entertainment enjoyment.

Features of the GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K combo receiver

The GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K offers numerous features to make the entertainment not only crisp, but also extremely comfortable. Your TV program from the reception via satellite or cable and terrestrial signals as well as your media contents are displayed with the GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K in high-resolution 4K / UHD (4x 1080 pixels). For convenient operation you benefit in addition to the enclosed remote control with the GigaBlue Player App from the controller via smartphone and tablet. The annoying search for the remote control is no longer necessary and recordings can also be programmed quite conveniently while on the move. With the Sat> IP technology, you can mirror TV programs to your end devices and enjoy, for example. Your favorite series in the garden.

The GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K Receiver is multiroom and multiboot capable. It has a timer function and time shift functionality (optional) that allows you to pause the TV program at any time and jump back up to 2 hours. Which contents are interesting and entertaining for you, you see in the clear 14 days EPG (electronic program guide) the GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K detailed worked up.

GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K - Built-in hardware and performance of the UHD combo receiver

GigaBlue has donated a Hisilicon 3798MV200 chipset to its new 4K / UHD combo receiver. It is a ARM Cortex A53 quad core processor installed and 8 gigabytes of eMMC flash memory. Thanks to the hardware used, the GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K together with the 1-gigabyte DDR3 SDRAM comes to a total output of 15,000 DMIPS. Short boot times, fixed switching times, smooth rendition and fast navigation in the menus of the GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K are guaranteed.

Connection variety and interfaces for seamless integration of the 4K receiver from GigaBlue

The GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K has all common interfaces to seamlessly integrate the 4K / UHD receiver into your TV rack and your system landscape. The receiver has a tuner combination of a DVB-S2X multistream tuner and a DVB-C / T2 tuner and is thus equally suitable for terrestrial reception, satellite reception and reception via cable connection. Two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port are attached for connecting external media and for playback of other media contents. An HDMI output, an SD card reader, an S / PDIF interface and an S / C slot are also available. To connect to your network or the Internet, the GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K has a Gigabit LAN connection and a GigaBlue WiFi stick, the receiver can connect to your Wi-Fi.

Technical Data & Hardware - GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K:
- ARM Cortex A53 quad core CPU (64 bit)
- Hisilicon 3798MV200 chip
- 8 GB eMMC flash memory - 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM
- 15,000 DMIPS
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 280mm x 230mm x 55mm

Features & Functions:
- 4K / UHD resolution
- Controllable via smartphone and tablet (via GigaBlue Player app)
- Program recordings via smartphone, tablet or PC while on the move
- Blindscan
- Transmit satellite TV to multiple (mobile) devices with SAT>IP technology
- Multiroom-capable
- Multiboot-capable
- pause with time shift programs or jump back up to 2 hours (optional)
- Timer function
- 14 days Electronic Program Guide (EPG) with detailed overview
- Firmware updates via internet
Over-the-Air Updates (OTA)
- WLAN-enabled (optional with GigaBlue WiFi stick)

Connections & interfaces:
1x DVB-S2X multistream tuner
1x DVB-C / T2 tuner
2x USB 2.0
1x USB 3.0
1 x HDMI output
1 x SD card reader
1x S / PDIF
1x Gigabit LAN (RJ-45/100 / 1000Mbps)
1x 12V 2A power connection

1x GigaBlue UHD Trio 4K combo receiver with DVB-S2X and DVB-C / T2
1x remote control
1x batteries
1x HDMI cable
1x external 12V power supply
1x user manual

  • RECGIG038
  • Produkttyp: Combo-Receiver
    Tuner: DVB-C/T2, DVB-S2X
    SoC (Chip): Hi3798MV200
    Prozessor: 1.600 MHz ARM QuadCore
    Anschlüsse: 1xUSB 3.0, 2xUSB 2.0, 1000Mbit Ethernet, A/V Klinke, HDMI-Ausgang, S/PDIF Optisch
    Features: EPG, Multiroom
    Display: 7-Segment-Display (Zahlen)
    DMIPS: 15.000
    Auflösung: 3840x2160
    Betriebssystem: Linux OS
    Stromverbrauch: 15 Watt
    Farbe: Schwarz
    Flash/RAM: 8GB/1GB

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