AJAX Wireless Remote Control Emergency Call Panic Button Black


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Emergency call only with one click Press the button in an emergency. Then an alarm is sent... more
"AJAX Wireless Remote Control Emergency Call Panic Button Black"
Emergency call only with one click
Press the button in an emergency. Then an alarm is sent immediately to a hub control center and a green blink confirms the successful transmission. The alarm system reports alarm to a security company and sends notifications to your family or colleagues. The sirens can also be triggered to deter the intruders.


trigger alarm
A detached house. The owners are awakened in the middle of the night by the sound of broken glass and unknown voices. Instead of reaching for a baseball bat, press the button to let the thieves go to the appropriate security patrol.


Request reinforcement
The area is patrolled by a security guard. Someone takes him from behind and shuts his mouth shut. The security guard can not call for help - a dangerous situation. But a single press of the panic button can summon reinforcements.


Prevent a robbery
A robber asks a cashier to fill a bag with money. The cashier obediently opens the cash register, which is equipped with a panic button. He presses unnoticed the button and thus triggers a silent alarm. The robber will not leave the store with the money.


Protect children
The doorbell rings. A stranger insists on being let in. The children are at home alone. They know they should not open the door and immediately press the button. The Ajax system immediately triggers the siren and alerts the parents and the security service.


No false alarms
The case of the Ajax button is designed to prevent false alarms even when you are sitting or lying down on the device. You can also set it to respond only to a double tap or a long press.


Alarm transmission is guaranteed
The panic button from Ajax communicates with a hub control center via a radio modem protocol over a distance of up to 1300 m. Once an alarm has been transmitted, you will see a green flash. The Jeweler protocol encrypts all transmitted data. In the event of a signal disturbance or blocking of radio traffic, Ajax switches to another radio frequency and informs you and the security service about the situation.


Signal range of up to 1300 m
Confirmation of the alarm transmission
Encryption with a modified AES algorithm
frequency hopping


Seamless installation
Scan the QR code with the Ajax app to register your button. You can then attach it to the keychain, hang it around your neck, or attach it to your home, office, or retail store with double-sided tape.


1 Scan the QR code
2 Name your button
3 Keep it handy


Technical specifications:
Classification Addressed radio panic button
Compatibility Works with Hub, Hub Plus, Hub 2, ReX with OS Malevich as of version 2.7.102
False alarm protection Yes (double tap or long press for 1.5 s)
Number of buttons 1
Alarm transmission Not more than 0.15 seconds Works on the first click (no startup required)
Battery: CR2032 battery, power supply voltage: 3 V, battery life - up to 5 years
Operating temperature range -10 ° C to + 40 ° C
Permissible humidity Up to 75%
Protection class IP54
Size 47 x 35 x 13 mm
Weight 16 g


Panic button
Pre-installed CR2032 battery
Double-sided adhesive tape
Quick start guide

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