Gigablue Network Cable CAT8 2000MHz 40Gbit/s AWG24 Flexible Copper Core (LSZH) Black

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The cat. 8.1 Technology offers a number of improvements over previous copper-based networking... more
"Gigablue Network Cable CAT8 2000MHz 40Gbit/s AWG24 Flexible Copper Core (LSZH) Black"
The cat. 8.1 Technology offers a number of improvements over previous copper-based networking solutions. Data rates of up to 10 GBit/s are in many cases no longer sufficient. Faster fiber solutions are unsuitable for widespread use due to the high cost. Cat. 8.1 Patch cords are also suitable for 25Gbps and 40Gbps Base-T Ethernet networks, eliminating the need to interconnect multiple 10Gbps Base-T links into a single logical connection. Thus, fewer ports and thus space is needed, both are precious in data centers. The max. Bandwidth has also grown to 2000 MHz / 2 GHz.

The conductor of this patch cable is made of 99.99% oxygen-free copper (OFC). This high-quality cable construction enables optimum signal transmission and higher breaking strength of the cable. For a faultless signal transmission, the RJ45 connectors are shielded and equipped with 50 µ gold-plated copper contacts.

Gigablue CAT 8.1 Network Cable, S/FTP (PiMF), Black LSZH Halogen Free, Copper AWG 24
Cat. 8.1 Cables are used for 25/40 GBASE-T applications, with a transmission range of up to 30 meters and a transmission power of up to 2 GHz (four times the bandwidth of Cat 6A).
suitable for 25 / 40G Base-T Ethernet networks (40 gigabit-capable) and backwards compatible
CAT 8.1 Channel 100% tested (attached measurement protocol + serial number)
Max. Bandwidth: 2000 MHz / 2 GHz
Novel RJ45 Cat.8 plug to industry standard with 50µ gold plated contact pads (PINs)
Shielded RJ45 plug with locking lug and locking lug protection
double shielded LAN / network cable: wire pair shielding: PIMF (pairs in metal foil) + total shielding: braid
Length indication on slimline anti-kink sleeve

Technical specifications:
Connection, type RJ45 industrial plug (8P8C)
Connection, housing material PVC
Connector 2, Type RJ45 Industrial Connector (8P8C)
Connection, contact material gold plated 50µ
Connection, shielding yes
Snap-in protection on both sides
Contacting EIA / TIA-568B
Cable type round cable
Specification CAT 8.1
Shielding class S / FTP (PiMF)
AWG 24/7 (stranded)
Diameter of cable sheath (approx.) 8.2 mm
Inner conductor, core diameter 0.2 mm
Inner conductor, material CU (copper)
Cable sheath, material LSZH
Number of shields 2 x
Type 1, shield foil (aluminum) PiMF
Type 2, shielding braid (aluminum) overall screen
Bend protection on both sides
LSZH-compliant yes
Signal transmission max. Bandwidth 2000 MHz
Color: Black
Material LSZH
Markings CE, WEEE
Operating temperature from -20 ° C
Operating temperature up to 75 ° C
Cable length 0.50 m

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