Digital Devices Max A8i TV Karte + Octopus Twin-CI für DVB-C/C2 & DVB-T/T2 & ISDB-T

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With just one cable, ideal for building multimedia PCs and media center systems in the home, as... more
"Digital Devices Max A8i TV Karte + Octopus Twin-CI für DVB-C/C2 & DVB-T/T2 & ISDB-T"
With just one cable, ideal for building multimedia PCs and media center systems in the home, as well as streaming and recording servers for data analysis in the professional sector.

The Max A8i is equipped for the reception of transmitters which are broadcast via DVB-C / C, DVB-T / T2, ISDB-T (digital cable or terrestrial) and serves to display, record and analyze MPEG2 (SD / HD H .262) MPEG4 (SD / HD H.264) and HEVC (HD / UHD H.265) signals.

The Max A8i is equipped with 8 full-featured tuners (Octo Tuner Technology). So you have the possibility to receive eight different transponders at the same time. Use this feature e.g. to receive up to eight different digital cables or eight digital terrestrial transponders (frequencies), e.g. for recording or streaming multiple channels and watching one or more others. Since each tuner works independently, all data from the transponders is available.

The Max A8i supports the single-cable process, so that only one cable to the card is required to supply all 8 internal tuners.
The Digital Devices MAX A8i can be expanded with an Octopus Single-CI or Octopus Twin-CI card for an additional PCIe. Of course, a Flex / DuoFlex-CI connected to a cine or octopus bridge can also be used.
Due to the full profile height, the Max A8i only fits full profile housings (full height housing).
The power consumption is only 13-16 watts during operation (depending on the type of reception). Please note that your PC housing needs active cooling to operate the card.
Drivers for the operating systems Windows, Windows Server and Linux are available for download. This product was developed and produced in Germany

Double CI slot with 2 expansion ports (CI4All function) - DD Octopus Twin CI v4
Octopus twin CI single, for digital devices DuoFlex tuner and / or CI I module Integrated double CI and 2 expansion connections for DuoFlex or CI modules. You can connect up to 2 double tuners (4 tuners) to this PCIe x1 bridge. Mixed operation with CI modules or S2 and CT modules is possible. CI can also be used with all other digital devices cards (Cine S2 / Cine CT, DuoFlex). The connection works via the PCIe bus, assignment is made via the Config Tool. no separate cable connection or power connection necessary.
The Octopus double CI gets its power supply via the PCIe bus

The cards are installed via separate PCIExpress slots. A connection with each other using a data cable is not necessary. All communication takes place via the PCIExpress slot. The Max A8i and the Octopus Twin CI do not require an external power supply.
Please do not connect any external voltage sources to the card's power connections, e.g. from the PC power supply and do not connect the cards to each other with a power adapter cable

1x 8 Tuner TV Card DVB-C2/T2/ISDB-T -DD Max A8i TV Card
1x Double CI Slot with 2 Expansion Ports

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